Breakfast at Tiffany's

It is often said that what doesn't kill you will make you stronger. It all depends on how one defines the word "strong" It can have different meanings to different people. In this sense, "stronger" means looking back at the person you were and comparing it to the person you have become today. It also means looking deep into your soul and realizing that the person you are today couldn't exist if it weren't for the things that have happened in the past or for the people that you have met. Everything that happens in our life happens for a reason and sometimes that means we must face heartaches in order to experience joy. (Shannon Spaunburg )

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  1. Interesting post - I agree: everything does happen for a reason - everything in life is because there is something to be learned from it! Taking that learning attitude helps go through it a bit easier..

    On a lighter note..nice jacket!!